Shadowtop Forest


A tangled and varied forest that carpets the base of the western fork of the Spearhead Mountains and its foothills. There are many stories of these woods, and it can be impossible to tell reality from fiction sometimes.

There are two lumber mills who make regular use of the forest, one to the north in Caelkirk, and one to the south in Norhill. They both replant and recut the same patches of forest, without delving too deeply into it.

Bandits sometimes make use of unused woodcutter camps, when the woodcutters have moved on to a new part of the forest.

Some say there is a band of wood elves here who protect an old shrine, but no one has ever actually seen one. Or at least, if they have, they haven’t made it back out of the forest to tell anyone. Several people go missing in this forest every year.

Shadowtop Forest

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