The town of Riverwood stands on an island in the where the two rivers that flow down from the Spearhead Mountains meet. The road to the Southwest leads to the southern river road, which follows the river into the heart of Caerleon. The northeast road leads to Leeside, and the Slumber Hills. Meanwhile the river can be taken north to Aberford, Leeside, Doncaster, or Rookhaven, or taken south to Caerleon.

A rivalry has come up recently with Aberford for trade, and the two communities tilt back and forth between good-natured rivalry and outright animosity.

The current Lord Vassal is Lady Darthren Grey, who is known for the excellent wine she makes from her villa to the East of Riverwood. The wine trade flourishes in the town, with an annual festival drawing plenty of travelers seeking out the best wines.

The horse trade flourishes here too, with nearly a dozen ranches over the river turning out trained draft horses, riding mounts, and pack mules. Blacksmiths flourish in town, as does the Riverwood mining company, with a rich deposit of iron ore on the large island. Harnessmakers and wagonworks also flourish here, as do boatmakers and ferrymen.

An important note: there is no bridge that leads to Riverwood. Only the ferries.

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