Organizations in Bretonia


The trade artisans in the cities have guilds together that are nationally organized. In another kingdom a different guild is organized to that same profession with no ties between the two except perhaps for trade or the leasing of skilled artisans to act as teachers. They often have halls of their own in larger cities, and the marketplace will often have a hall used by all the guilds as a center of trade, commerce, and business.


Corbin Messenger House – The best method for sending messages. They employ awakened birds who deliver messages and letters in exchange for food and board. The birds are intelligent enough for personal delivery, and capable of avoiding interceptors with ease. Plus there’s no faster way to travel than “as the crow flies”.


Magi of the Tower – An organization dedicated to the study of the arcane subsidized by the nobility. Each Nation has it’s own Tower organization seperated from the others, but towers between two allied nations have been known to grant honorary membership to each other.


The Red Hand – The thieves’ guild, an underground organization of thieves that offer safe haven, fencing, and other services to one another. They mock the nobility by titling their ranks after them, but don’t be misled: there is precious little honor among thieves. Most of them are looking out for themselves first, their friends second.

The Wayfinders – A guild of wilderness explorers and frontiersmen who often hire themselves out as guides to travelers.


Y Telynorion – A loose organization of bards (the profession, not necessarily the class) who trade in secrets and intrigues, acting as agents and assassins throughout the kingdoms. They don’t often act for free, but they look out for their own and they’re always willing to sell their information – for the right price.


Scoluris Nobilis – An organization of learned men and women who have dedicated themselves to the education of others. Instructors of history, language, and principles these lecturers have banded together as a guild to support one another in their endeavors.

Military Organizations

Each kingdom has its own orders of military and knights that look out for the kingdom’s interests and help to protect it from danger both external and internal. In addition to any kingdom’s armies, several organizations exist that bear sword and shield for a variety of reasons.

Hatal Maethorien – An ancient and forgotten order of warriors who lurk in the wilderness, defending the portals between Bretonia and Otherworld.

The Shield Table – An order of knights made up of nobles in Caerleon with strict codes of conduct.

The Sons of Fortune – A mercenary organization that exists across kingdom borders.

Norhind Tribe – A tribe of wood elves who have claimed some of the forests in the Northwind Valley as their home.

Gorbex Tribe – A tribe of goblins who have come to live in the edge of the Wyrdwood, and have plauged the Redwood Vale.

Ghandar Legion – An order of Dwarven warriors who patrol the dark roads that lead from the surface to the Dwarven cities in Annwn.

Religious Organizations


  • Verita
    • Dodeka Tonoi – A group within the assembly dedicated to the memorization and proliferation of the holy songs.
    • Harvesters of the Dead – This order sees to the collection and incineration of the dead. Those of Verita do not bury their dead, but they burn them in crematoriums specially designed for that purpose usually built away from cities. The keepers collect the body, guide it on the road to the flame, and then see to its destruction and the rites of the dead so that its soul may be free to ascend to the heavens.
    • Keepers of the Flame – A maritime organiztion of the assembly that keeps the ever-burning lantern-houses casting their light out over the waves to aid the sailors and fisherman. A more dangerous occupation than many give it credit for.
    • Monere Venatorii – A paramilitary order under the Veritan faith, dedicated to the protection of the people from magical or supernatural beasts.
    • Pheonix Knights – The standing military of the assembly. The ones who guard the roads, temples, holy sites, and can even be loaned by the church to the local nobility in times of need.
    • Scourge Wardens – Those who wander our world and protect it from the infestation known as the Scourge. Not all wardens are soldiers or knights, Druids, Bards, Priests and more fill the ranks as well, helping as they can to prevent or react to any scourge infestations.
    • Seekers of Veritas – An organization dedicated to seeking out ancient artifacts, tomes, and other treasures that they call ‘sources’ in order to study them and learn more aboit the world.
    • Tillers – This sacred order is dedicated to the production and distribution of food, specifically to the destitute. The assembly is typically granted lands by the nobility in any kingdom that has sworn itself to Theos. When those lands are farmable, members of this order till and farm the land, living off their harvest, and giving the rest away to those who cannot otherwise afford it.
  • Cults
    • Cult of Isen – A rogue religious order of warrior monks who believe that all magic in this world should be removed, and all of its practitioners destroyed.

Other Organizations

The organizations that do not fall under other categories. Sometimes made up of individuals that hold no allegiance to king or faith, and sometimes dealing with things no other organized group can.

Universitas Valachorum – A whispered society of scholars who reject the notions of taboo knowledge, and search it out wherever it may be found.

Organizations in Bretonia

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