Orcs in Bretonia


The origin of Orcs is not known for certain. There are tales, and myths, some say that they were a tribe of men cursed by the gods during the primordial age. Others say that they came from the darker places of Otherworld, and were banished from there to the real world. No matter the truth, the first appearance of Orcs is well known: During the reign of Citadelion.

They came from the harsh lands of the North and made war with the elves in all of their lands. They were defeated, and driven back at great cost, and were not heard from again until the Fomorian age. When they were repelled once more with their masters, the giants, they seemed to vanish off the face of the earth, and were not heard from again until the Kingdom age.

In 317 of the Kingdom Age, the orcs returned to Bretonia, albeit in small numbers. They attacked, raided, and vanished so quickly that the armies of the kings had no time to respond to their attack. Then, six months later, they returned with an army. This became known as the First Horde Invasion.

Eventually, the orcs were driven back. But this time was not like the other times. The lands that the Orcs raided were settled and Orc homesteads were raised from the sea all the way to the mountains. When they were eventually driven back to the sea it was because some of the Orcs betrayed their own tribes, in exchange for permission to stay and raise crops. This first instance of peace with the orcs was short lived, and the resulting fighting slaughtered the orcs, as well as their women and children. Some managed to hide in the wildernesses, but they knew they were unwelcome by society.

This cycle repeated itself twice more. The most recent, the Third Horde Invasion, began fifteen years ago, and ended with a treaty. The Orcs were given parcels of land in Caerleon, Lothia, Angelia, and Caledon that they could settle and farm. And an effort has been made to welcome them. Still, there is much prejudice against them and their merchants that come from the sea. After all, the war with them is still fresh in the minds of many.

Orcs generally consider other races as weaker than themselves, which is to say that they consider other races to be lesser than themselves. They believe that there is a place for everyone in society, but their place is clearly above the other races in the hierarchy of society. Not all orcs place much emphasis on this, but many do. As a result, the few orc communities that do exist in Bretonia can be very unwelcoming to outsiders.

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Orcs in Bretonia

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