A small village at the base of the Foothold Hills. There’s an Inn here that doesn’t see much business, a lumber mill, and farms. The local claim to fame here is access to the variety of mushrooms that grow in the Foothold hills and the Shadowtop Forest, and the recipes that the villagers have made from such a wide variety.

They’re also known for their art festival, with the innkeeper, Harven Dragonfoot, sponsoring a festival every year where artists, specifically painters, can come and sell their wares to nobles who come from all over the valley to buy paintings and statues from the artists in the town. Harven is quite the proprietor of art himself, and has an astonishing collection for someone who does poor business the rest of the year.

The village is full of rumors about the disappearances of the local lord’s two children: Oric and Lathna Latimer who went missing a short distance from the village on their way back to their father’s estate.


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