Half Elves in Bretonia


Long ago when the world was young, the mixing of elves and men was not even considered. When the elves first encountered the race of man, human kind was a brilliant but brutal race, with no love for the beauty of the world, only a thirst for war. Such an attitude was considered evil by the elves, or at the very best, primitive.

It was not until much later that the human race separated themselves from their selfish desires, and the races of the elves and the race of humans came to be at peace with one another.

This was largely in part to the first elven – human romance between the Prince of the High Elves, and a human heroine. From their union, forbidden at first, came the first half elf.

Since their union, the taboo was removed, and many such couplings of men and elves have occurred since, especially during the reign of Citadelion. When the elves withdrew, many half elves remained behind in this world. They are most popular in Hiberia, where they make up most of the noble houses.

Physically, they are difficult to differentiate from humans, though they often have an “air of nobility” about them.

Culturally, they have taken elements of human culture and elements of elven culture and added a bit of their own over the centuries. Specifically, their music has developed well and become quite popular. A lot of their songs and tales focus on the meeting of faerie and mortal. They tend to focus more on craftsman professions, sailing, bardic professions, and adventure over the common human agricultural culture.

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Half Elves in Bretonia

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