Goliaths in Bretonia


In the cold wild lands of the northern frontier there dwell a race of gray stone skinned folk known as the Goliaths. The land of Pictavia has been their home since the Fomorian age, and their tribal clan ways are strange to the many races that inhabit the lowlands. Some fear them, saying that they are war-like and devastating. Others recognize them for what they are, beings – like any others.

Few folk in the lowlands can lay a truthful claim to having seen one, but they are common in Pictavia, and Caledon. They look as though they have been carved from stone, but their hearts are as warm as any. They live in a cold untamed land, with many wild animals and few growing crops. They place great importance on self-sufficiency and individual skill, which they believe contribute to the clan’s welfare.

They are competitive, and they love to keep score in any activity they engage in. Their competitions can be ferocious, but above all else a Goliath’s competitive nature drives them to outdo themselves, to do better than they did the last time.

Throughout Bretonia, they are known as being great warriors, and known for their sense of honor and fairness.

For the purposes of this game they are as described in Volo’s.

They have kept out of the history of men and elves for the greater part. But in recent years the clans of the Goliaths have been seen moving further and further southward as harsh weather and other difficulties drive the game they hunt further and further south. Some have even begun to take up mercenary work – for they make formidable soldiers and keen defenders in a king’s army if he can earn their respect.

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Goliaths in Bretonia

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