Genasi in Bretonia


Genasi is the elven term for a child born of the union of an elemental spirit (known to some as djin) and any member of a mortal race. Often this is the case, though some Genasi have been known to be born with elemental heritage further up the family tree. The result is the same: a child who is born with the physical manifestation of elemental energy. Born of two worlds, and belonging in neither.

Genasi come in four kinds.

  • Air Genasi – Have some heritage from the element of air. They are often as changeable as the weather, with shifting moods and flights of fancy that rarely last for very long. Many are surrounded by a faint breeze that tousles their hair or stirs their clothing when they are distracted.
  • Earth Genasi – Have their heritage in the element of earth. They often revel in strength and endurance, with slow and stubborn personalities that weigh their options carefully. Their physical manifestations can range greatly, like the many varied types of stone and metal.
  • Fire Genasi – Have their heritage in the element of fire. They can have volatile temperaments, and are often the most prideful of the Genasi. Their physical manifestations are often red in color, and tend to be more exotic, and their skin is often always warm to the touch.
  • Water Genasi – Have their heritage in the element of water. They often consider freedom and flexibility to be the greatest strengths and often take pride in their independence. Their physical manifestations vary, but often involve shades of blue or green.

Typically their skin color is oddly reminiscent of their heritage, blue, red, green, or gray, though at times this discoloration is is in their hair, or their eyes, rather than the skin. It manifests differently in each Genasi, though sometimes it manifests as raw magical power.

If they manage to keep their physical manifestation, whatever it may be, out of sight, they can typically pass for a human, with some features reminiscent of whatever their true mortal parentage actually is. They very rarely have any contact with their elemental parentage, as most Djin have little interest in their mortal offspring, if they are aware of them at all.

Many Genasi live as outcasts, driven into exile for fear of the appearance and their strange magic. Some form cults. Some take up residence in locales where their elemental parentage is strong, and live in peace with nature there, rejecting civilizations. Others, live on the fringes of human society, taking what they can get. Still others seek ways to travel off of this plane of reality and onto others where they might feel more at home.

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Genasi in Bretonia

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