Doncaster lies on the river road, about two days ride from Rookhaven. The town was founded by one of Caerleon’s early warlords, who is said to haunt the surrounding hills in spirit form, frightening away monsters.

Horses are bred and trained here, and the wealthy of the area have secluded estates in the hills. Farmland is plentiful, and patches of dark duskwood trees and spruce seem to pop up everywhere along the river’s side.

In one corner of the town square stands the great statue of Felarhoof – a famous war stallion bred near here long ago. Gelded by a prankster, the rearing horse is often painted bright colors by high-spirited locals. Children are allowed to hurl stones at birds perched on the statue, to keep it free of dirt. They often climb on it themselves and cling precariously to the high-tilted saddle as they command imaginary armies into battle.

Within spitting distance of the statue is the Stag’s Flagon, a tavern.

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