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House Corbin, although noble, is not an ancient, nor a proud house of the nobility. Theirs is not a history of great warriors, nor wealthy treasure-seekers. They are not merchants, nor are they innovators. They cannot trace their lineages back to ancient kings, nor do they seek to. They trace the history of their house back to a young man by the name of Corbin. He was but a boy, but he was a druid of the Old Way, who – according to tradition – converted to Verita, and was blessed by Theos with the gift of magic. These powers he used to heal the land as he traveled to see the world.

Then he came to the eastern shores in the north of Caledon. He and his companions, one of whom was a bird whom he had healed as a hatch-ling, an owl who had been blessed by Theos with the wits of a man and could speak according to the common tongue. There, upon the eastern shore, Corbin was the first to see the sails of the orc-ships as they billowed and buffeted in the sea-borne wind. Swiftly, he sent his bird-friend to the king of that land bearing tidings of the orcs.

He and his companions battled the Orc landing party, and made a good stand against them in the sands. Their battle raged, and though Corbin had all the power of the land and sea against the orcs, and Theos was with them, their strength began to wane in the late hours of the day. Then it was that their messenger returned, with the king and his army at their backs, and the orc-men of the North were slain and driven off.

So impressed was the king with the speed of their messenger, that he asked for the bird of Corbin, unwitting of their friendship, or the beast’s blessed intelligence. Corbin would not be parted from his friend, but did not wish to anger the king, and so one of Corbin’s companions: Lanathar, the cunning, spoke instead. He explained to the king the nature of the beast, and the friendship between the Owl and Corbin. Upon hearing this, the King did not wish to part them, but instead made an offer of them. He welcomed Corbin and his owl to court, where he would treat them fairly, and hire them for their service as messengers.

Thus it was that Corbin Messenger House was founded upon a charter with the king of Caledon.

Over the years the company has grown and expanded. The birds are not the dumb birds of the forest and field, but have intelligence akin to that of a human, and are treated as equals under employ. Now the messenger house is chartered in every kingdom, and the family of House Corbin grows wealthier with every message sent.



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Corbin Messenger House

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