The great capital city of Cavallon lies on the shore of lake Apollon, the in-land sea, where the Northwind river terminates into the lake. The lands between the eastern walls of the city and the lake are occupied by the poor and lower classes who live their lives in the shadow of the great outer wall. This swath of shanties, shacks, and wooden buildings is called Laketown.

The great eastern facing gate makes travel through Laketown necessary to reach the city’s inner district. The eastern facing Shafowgate is called so because with the exception of high noon, half of it is always in shadow.

The road comes out of the gate, through the Laketown quarter, ans forks. Going North it winds beside the river, until farmland is all that can be seen on this side of it, and the great forest edges ever closer to the far bank.

Within its outer wall the artisans and the middle class workers of the city toil away as visitors navigate the winding and narrow streets of Lowtown, so named for the low-born who inhabit it. The sounds of constant business and toil can be heard coming from every hearth and every shop. Lowtown itself forms three quarters of a circle around the city’s inner wall, which has only one gate. The Phoenix Gate is the only means of passage from Lowtown, to the slightly elevated Hightown.

Hightown holds the estates of the nobles, as well as their places of business and those places of business who can afford to cater to a high-born clientele. It forms a keystone shape before the gate and walls of the King’s Castle. Its parapets tower high over the streets below, and with its elevated place on the hill of the city the whole city below it can often look up to see the castle above them.



  • East of Cavallon
    • Lake Apollon
  • North of Cavallon
    • Northwind River
    • Kings Road
  • West of Cavallon
    • Village Road
    • Fields of Aranor
  • South of Cavallon
    • Lion’s Road


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