A pleasant-looking village surrounded by trees, this village is the last stop of civilization before the mountain roads leading to Ixling and Cymru. It’s a supplier of lumber and stone for the surrounding area, as well as a market-moot for local sheep-herders whose flocks graze in the pastures to the east of the village.

The village itself is small, mostly made up of poor houses, but it offers a public well, and a pond. There’s a tanner, a smith, and even an inn. The inn sees the most business out of those here in the village, being the last stop before the dangerous mountain roads.

In recent years bodyguards and mercenaries formerly active in the valley have retired to Caelkirk, which may explain why the village is not often bothered by raiding goblins from the mountains, or bandits from the forests. Because so many city-folk retire here, many rumors abound of nearby local treasure, but no treasure has been found yet.

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