This small village has a dock on the river for shipping the grain from its grist mill. It’s an up and coming community, growing every year as its trade grows and increases. Aside from the mill, the village has a handful of granaries and a larger handful of cottages that house the tiny local shops. It’s the local supply and market for the surrounding farms from which the grain comes, but it’s also begun to trade in horses, livestock, fish, and whatever else it can sell, buy, or trade, to bring in settlers.

River pirates and smugglers have started to bother the village of late, and they seem to take over the village whenever their keelboats are tied to the docks. Some locals have started siding with the ruffians even, which their lord: Lord Krem Hastings has not been able to do anything about. In fact, he’s recently gone missing.

Because of this, people in Abersford lock and bar their doors and shutter their windows when they can. The Lord’s disappearance has started rumors of a monster that stalks the village at night, but even without monsters – the village is not always safe.


Bretonia EJamesYoung