A Brief World History


The Primordial Age 0 – 10,000:

There are as many different accounts of the creation of the world as there are religions. Some say that it was created by a single god out of nothing, some say it was created out of a slain giant, and others have other ideas. Whatever the method: the world is here to stay. In this age, men were primitive forms of themselves, shaping stone and warring with one another. Elves and Dwarves and the others were just awakening, discovering the world from other realms. The world was wild and full of chaos and great beasts roamed the earth. Gods and devils warred with one another. This age of chaos ended when the elves united the sentient races, banished the beings of other planes, and formed Citadelion a utopian empire that ruled the entirety of the world. (At least, according to the stories).


Citadeleon 10,000 – 16,000:

The primal age is considered to have ended when the fey came into this world from the Otherworld and built great cities in places of power. They attempted to elevate and educate the lesser races, to bestow them with knowledge and power, and peace. Unfortunately, the hearts of men proved full of vice, and knowledge did not change that as the elves had hoped. Men simply took their gift of learning, and used it to wage greater wars upon one another, until eventually the kings and queens of the elves withdrew their support, and returned their kingdoms once more to the Otherworld.


Fomoria 16,000 – 20,000:

With the race of men slowly but surely becoming a nuisance, the race of giants waged war against them, and established great cities and kingdoms across the earth. The continent of Bretonia was no exception. They proved cruel and callous masters, and men and the other races of the world suffered hellish torments under their reign. Eventually, men and elves and the other races came together and overthrew the giants. They were scattered, some were cursed, and while they may now maintain kingdoms of their own in remote corners of the world their dominion over the earth is nothing but a faint memory.


Tribal 20,000 – 21,000:

With the giants defeated and scattered the elves withdrew to the Otherworld once more, the Dwarves returned to their halls under the earth, and men were left to their own devices. The kingdoms of the giants were plundered, and their territories argued over. Humankind declined into tribal warfare with one another, and much that happened during this time was lost to antiquity and legend.


Vaticana 21,000 – 24,000:

There arose a great empire in the southern peninsula. A proud race born of men and dragons brought knowledge, education, enlightenment, and power to all who would yield to them. Those who did yield were conquered. The light of Vaticana swept across the world, and consumed it. Many great advancements in natural and magical philosophy and culture were made during this age, but in the end, the great empire fell from within. Two brothers, warring with one another for power and to inherit their father’s empire, split the world between the two of them. Slowly but surely, the people began to rebel, to yearn for their freedom, and the fractured empire withered away. It still remains – far to the south in its original lands, but as a mere shadow of its former glory. The only presence of it in Bretonia is the fortresses, monuments, and other ruins dotted across the landscape.


Kingdoms 24,000 – Now:

With the fall of Vaticana the leaders of the people claimed their ancient tribal lands as their own kingdoms, and those who had the greatest wealth or greatest strength became the kings of their respective realms. For over six hundred years the kingdoms have slowly but surely settled, with political turmoil and intrigue moving the boundary lines from time to time. The kingdoms of Bretonia bicker and wage war with one another, while trying to maintain peace, or at least war less, with the five kingdoms of Hibernia to the west, protect themselves from raids perpetrated by Valsgarde to the north, and still try and glean the riches of former empires to the South. The current year by such reckoning is 663.

A Brief World History

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