Valence De Clare

Defender of Rookhaven


A large bearded man with wily hair that makes itself unkempt as soon as he combs it. He consistently wears a suit of armor bearing the badge of Defender of the City. His demeanor is calm and steady, but he has no patience for any shenanigans. In a time of peace, he does his duty and oversees the guard, but you can tell that he misses the battlefield, and often takes the chance to spar with his fellow soldiers.

  • Born in 620.
  • Fought in the War of Five Dragons as a squire.
  • Fought in the Third Horde Invasion.
    • According to his reputation, he took six arrows while fighting his way to an Orc chieftain, whom he eventually slew.
  • Married Aelwynn De Clare, who consequently gave birth to Jeane De Clare in 651.
  • Achieved the rank of Defender of the City in 660 after the old one retired to the country.

Valence De Clare

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