Sophia Dawnfoot

The Stable Hand at the Longshot Tavern


A halfling woman who is not as round or as cheerful as the stories of halflings would lead one to believe she should be. She may not be overly fond of the big-folk, or of any actual person really, but she gets along great with the horses and as a former apprentice to a ferrier she’s more than capable with rough and callused hands that show the frequency of her hard work.

Her chestnut hair is cut short and hangs down the side of her face and ends at her chin. She hardly ever smiles at other people, but her eyes twinkle from time to time. Her clothes are light and common, with no finery or jewelry to be seen. She seems simple, plain, and uninterested in your opinion on the matter.

  • Born in 603 to a halfling clan that farmed the hills in the Northwind Valley.
  • Married young and in love.
  • Had three children.
  • Her family, and a good portion of her clan, were over run in Lothia during the third horde invasion. She, and a few other survivors, fled south, coming to Rookhaven.
  • She worked as a ferrier, then as a stable hand when the man apprenticing her passed away suddenly from illness.
  • Continues to work as a stable hand, hoping to one day make it back to the hills she knew in her youth.

Sophia Dawnfoot

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