Sanson Florianus

The Bartender at the Longshot Tavern


Sanson is a flamboyant man of many passions. His many attempts at romancing the ladies earn him some tips at the end of every night, but usually prove unsuccessful at winning their hearts. So jocular is his nature that few can take him seriously even when he makes the effort to be serious. He tells many tales, as often as he gets the chance, with himself as the brave, daring, nigh undefeatable protagonist.

He dresses in plain and simple clothes, designed for function, and often wears an apron over that while serving drinks or tending bar. He is friendly, and has many friends who come to see him every day. The fact that he serves them the alcohol they pay for has little to do with it – according to him. He serves it, they drink it, and everyone has a good time. His mustache is a prominent feature of his face, and regularly waxed and cared for.

He is tall, and somewhat lanky, but he can be graceful when he has to be. He often plays the klutz though to make people laugh, or does fancy juggling tricks with the glasses and drinks to grab their attention.

According to him, he wanted to be a bard when he grew up. But then he also wanted to be a wizard. When he couldn’t decide, he went to a bar to think it over, and hasn’t stopped pouring drinks since.

  • Born in 629.
  • Kicked out of the Bardic College in Caerleon in 659 (not common knowledge – he claims he found an alternate stanza for the Song of Hallow Lyra’s Beauty in his adventuring that the college wanted covered up and so they dismissed him to keep it quiet. While the college claims he composed and taught several dirty limericks of the most uncouth nature and was caught reciting them to the blushing women of Caerleon’s square). Whatever the truth of the matte,r he isn’t welcome back.
  • Can make one hell of a drink.

Sanson Florianus

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