Moira Sonnenfield

The Cook at the Longshot Tavern


Moira is a curious and colorful woman who has traveled all over Bretonia. She is always dressed in bright colors of pink, purple, or red, even if behind a white apron, and she always seems happy. Her curiosity shows through in her eager manner and inquisitive gaze, and she doesn’t seem afraid, even if a particularly gruff and intimidating patron doesn’t like her cooking. She stands her ground like a standing stone, and weathers anything in its course with a sly smile on her face.

  • Born in 638 to a family of traveling merchants.
  • Married her husband Jonquil, six years ago, he too is a traveling merchant.
  • Lives in a house in Rookwood, looked for work because she was bored. Her husband comes through town for a few days every three or so weeks, and there’s no point in running an empty household – according to her.
  • Wants to get back on the road and travel, but, loves to cook, and has gathered recipes from all over where her parents have traveled. She can often make some quite exotic cuisine, so long as she has the right ingredients.

Moira Sonnenfield

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