Markolf Rosik

The Extra Hand at the Longshot Tavern


A handsome young man with dark raven-colored hair and blue eyes. His smile has some charm to it, and he’s been the object of many hopes, but he’s far too innocent to see it. And while he loves the tales of romance spun by the bards, and wishes he could find some lady to adore like those from the tales and songs, but he knows that he is low born, and must remain so. He has a good head on his shoulders, even if he misses the obvious sometimes. His clothes are usually dirty, but that’s because he isn’t afraid of hard work, and while he mostly upkeeps the tavern – he also helps out with whatever needs doing. Tending tables, cooking, cleaning, even bartending if need be.

  • Born in 643
  • His father is a carpenter in Rookhaven.
  • Apprenticedas a carpenter, but isn’t ready to work to take over the family business just yet.
  • Currently works as a handyman / extra hand at the Longshot Tavern.

Markolf Rosik

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