Lorena Rothesay

Administrator of Rookhaven's Hospital


A beautiful blonde haired woman who appears younger than she actually is. Her looks might cause you to believe that she is young, but her words and wisdom betray her experience. She is an industrious woman, and a hard worker, with little time for games or foolishness. Despite her quick manner her words are kind, and her shine with the questioning glance of the naturally inquisitive.

  • Born in 633
  • Educated by private tutor.
  • Very religious woman, dedicated to Mariah Matrem of Veritas.
  • Married in 649 to Reynare Rothesay the current Lord Mayor.
  • Begot Mariah Rothesay in 655.
  • Began working at Rookhaven’s Hospital in 659.
  • Became chief administrator of Rookhaven’t Hospital in 663.

Lorena Rothesay

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