Faegin Thackery

A kidsman of the Red Hand


Faegin is an old man whose face has been weathered by time, abuse, and neglect into a coarse leather of wrinkles and scars. His teeth are tinged with black and hold a pipe that he is usually not seen without, puffing out smoke like a dragon no matter the hour. His white hair is muddied with gray and bushes up beneath a rag on his head with a long beard that wraps around his chin like a scarf and hangs down in tatters upon his chest. His eyes hold no brightness, no mirth, regardless of the smile on his face, but they are cunning and keen.

  • Born in the year 600.
  • Joined with the Red Hand as an orphaned child.
  • Was a renowned thief in his youth.
  • Has been working to train up the new recruits for several decades now.
  • Trained Callum.

Faegin Thackery

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