Eowulf Roose

Baron of Rookhaven


An older man whose gray-white hair frames a stern countenance, weathered by age but set like stone. His gaze is a measurement, and his manner is brisk, he has little time for foolishness, but he is known to be a kind man. He raises his three half-elven grandchildren as his own, after their parents (his human son and his half-elf wife) were killed traveling over the Spearhead Mountains as Emissaries of the Crown to Lothia..

His cloak is usually of blue, a gift from his late wife that he cherishes. His brooch, ring, and armor bear his crest: A tree whose branches encircle eight stars whose trunk is the blade of a sword.

  • Born in 598
  • Married his wife, the late Lorthana De Clare, in 618.
  • Fought in the War of Five Dragons beside King Uthyr and his father.
  • Inherited the Barony from his father in 640.
  • Had three children, one of whom died in childbirth, one of whom joined the church, and the third became an agent of the king.
  • Abandoned the Roose family estate in the valley when his wife died in 650 and moved to Rookhaven.
  • Adopted his grandchildren after the death of his son and his son’s wife. in 660.
  • Is generally known for being stiff, but kind.
  • Is rumored to secretly practice the Old Way, despite the King’s insistence that all of his nobles become Theosian.

Eowulf Roose

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