Elvar Kossen

The Waiter at the Longshot Tavern


A tall, thin, man with a strong accent from Austrasia in the South. His dry sense of wit and sardonic humor sometimes get him in trouble with patrons, but he is good at his job – and makes up for his lack of demeanor by being almost unbeatable at the games of chance run at the tavern, which yields a profit for the tavern in the long-run. For all that, he loves a good practical joke, and tends to be rather ‘flashy’ in his mannerisms.

  • Born in Austrasia in 616 the son of a mason.
  • Came to Bretonia with his family in search of a new life.
  • Settled in Essex for a time, then moved North to escape the Carnifex Plague when it broke out near their village.
  • Settled in Rookhaven where his father found work at the quarry.
  • Never married.
  • Worked as an adventurer for a short time, and claims to have discovered a hoard that he could retire on and works to ‘meet new people’.
  • Also might be a professional gambler.

Elvar Kossen

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