Caprenia Dorothea

The Housekeeper at the Longshot Tavern


A young but industrious woman who works to pay for her mother’s care in Hallow Matrem’s Hospital nearby. She keeps the tavern clean, and the rooms upstairs well kept between guests. Otherwise she can be seen helping out with the waitressing, or helping Markolf fix things around the tavern.

Her red hair is typically tied into a single pony-tail braid. She often covers it while she works to keep it tidy and out of the way. She smiles easily, laughs easily, and listens well. She’s something of a people person, and a people pleaser, and her optimism seems never to fade – no matter what mess needs to be cleaned up.

  • Born in 643.
  • Her mother got sick in 662.
  • She’s was looking for work to help pay for her mother’s residency in the hospital.
  • Her father travels with the Sons of Fortune. She’s written to him, but hasn’t heard back, and he hasn’t been home since three months before her mother fell ill.

Caprenia Dorothea

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