Aelwynn De Clare

Lady De Clare


Aelwynn is a tall, thin woman, who smiles easily and typically dresses in finery. She wears a band of gold about her brow, a betrothal gift from her husband that she is never seen without – local legend has it that he took it from the arm of an orc chieftain he slew during the war.

She is a talented singer and storyteller, a bard before her marriage, she mostly tends to her household, but always enjoys throwing celebrations for any given reason, and spends much time listening to the tales of travelers in the town square, or volunteering at the Chapel.

  • Born in 630 on a farm in Northwind Valley.
  • Studied in Caerleon’s College of Bards.
  • Met Valence De Clare on the road, while he marched to fight the third Horde invasion.
  • Married Valence three years later, and begot Jeane De Clare.

Aelwynn De Clare

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