Y Telynorion


This secret organization of bards operates in the shadows of courts, cities, and organizations throughout the nations. They advise and manipulate, they beg and infiltrate, they act as informants, spies, assassins, and performers. They trade in information and intrigue, and contract for coin of the realm. Theirs is an intricate system of masks and valor, tales and songs. Their organization started in Hibernia, and has stretched its reach further through charm and wit.

Motto: “The truth is in the eye of the speaker.”

Search out the truth.

Entertain those who need joy.

An artist is worthy of their wages.

To gain power and wealth through information.

To use that power to protect the common folk from the nobility.

To record their history of the kingdoms and preserve it for future generations in book, tale, and song.

Apprentice – A newly joined member of the group, who has yet to perform a dozen deeds.

Scribe – Once a dozen deeds have been performed, the apprentice advances to the rank of scribe.

Bard – The title bard is granted to those who have performed two dozen deeds, or who show the talent for magic.

Minstrel – The chief member of the organization for a region, who oversees and receives the information given to him by the other members.

Fili – The chief member of the organization for a kingdom.

Known Locales:

Known Members:

Y Telynorion

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