Sylrio Inaxisys


Formal Introduction: Sylrio Inaxisys, the Race Class, and the Title/Moniker of Homeland.

Birth Name: Sylrio
Family Name: Inaxisys
Other Names: Rio

What do they want out of life?

Sylrio doesn’t really think in terms of want. He’s curious, and he sort of follows his curiosity. If he likes people, he’ll spend time with them. If people need protection, he’ll protect them. If he sees injustice, he will do his best to rectify it. His way of moving through life is mostly intuitive. He does what he thinks is right in any given situation. His affinity for shadows doesn’t have anything to do with any sort of internal darkness. It’s just that shadows are useful, and he is very good at using them.

What do they want out of adventuring?

He wants to have fun. He’s wandering around to find the old masters’ shrines and learn their wisdom and skill.

What are some of their career goals?

While he is quite playful and carefree he does take his play quite seriously. He is constantly developing himself, perfecting his style and ability to manipulate Ki, and recognizes the responsibility that comes along with his gifts.

What are some of their personal goals?

To honor the eight by emulating them each in his own way. The ones he identifies closely with are Finn, Ogma, Ain, Cerridwen, and Lir.

Race Specific: Wood Elf
Are you from Otherworld or this world?


Do you prefer the city or the wilds?


What is your favorite tree?

His favorite tree is named Parlimian. And a more appropriate way to ask the question is “who is your favorite tree?” It’s a massive tree that exists in a place where the barrier between Otherworld and this world is very thin. Over the years the magic that leaks out of the Fey changed the essential nature of the tree so it is completely unique and can no longer be considered to belong to any particular species.

Mother: Yalena Inaxisys
Father: Jeelal Inaxisys

Do they have any siblings or people they consider to be siblings?

He has a brother and sister but doesn’t know their names. He was taken to be trained as a monk at quite a young age and barely remembers his parents. He thinks of the other monks he trained and lived with as brothers and sisters.

What was their home town environment like? Farm? Village? Town? City? Did he grow up by the sea? Near the mountains? Was the main trade in sheep, logs, stone, or fish? Create!

Who taught them to read?

A kindly old master named Master Milahee

Who taught them the skills / abilities of their class?

Various senior monk instructors and masters at the training temple. Monks rotate in and out, returning from their wanderings and practice to share their knowledge.

How did they learn the languages they know?

Learned basic common from an elf who had spent years living among humans. Elven he obviously grew up speaking. He has now wandered back and forth between otherworld and the mundane realm for 30 years so his common is quite good. He learned Draconic from some ancient texts on the subject at the temple. He learned it entirely because he hopes to meet a dragon some day and really wants to be able to talk to them when he does.

How did they learn about their religion?

Stories, songs, and games.

How did they learn about themselves?

Part of the training, particularly for Ki manipulation is meditation and introspection. Ki is such a subtle thing, fully fused with and integrated into the body, that one must know oneself exceptionally well in order to draw on it. Every act that manipulates and harnesses or uses Ki must be filled with intent from beginning to end. So in order to use Ki, one must develop a mindful awareness of intent so that it fuses into everything one does.

How did they learn about their kingdom’s history? (if they did).

Songs and stories.

Where have they lived and where have the traveled to?

He has essentially wandered all over Bretonia and Hybernia. He wandered for a time in Iberia and managed to make enemies of the nobles and rulers on both sides as he was mainly concerned with helping the common folk caught up in the midst of the civil war. Protecting innocent people and easing suffering where he could, while playing some pretty merciless tricks on those who would intentionally cause harm to innocent people (at one point he played the trick of burning a noble’s son alive in his tent after his soldiers, acting on his orders had burned down a town where Sylrio was staying and killed the villagers as they fled their burning homes in the night). He hopes to find a way to visit all of the most remote places in the world.

What’re their friends names and what are they like? How did they make them and how close are they? (Here’s your chance to make NPCs for me! Be sure to include name, race, etc.)
Childhood Friends from back home? What’re their names and what are they like?
Friends they’ve made during the journey?
Friends in the group?

What are they interested in besides their race/class/background? Music? History? Religion? Otherworld? Annwyn? Romance? Epic tales?

Yes. Sylrio is interested in everything. Other races, religions, cultures. He drinks in stories, glories in song and dance. He sees romance as fleeting (elves with their long lives rarely stay with one person their entire life, and obviously elves who have romances with shorter-lived races find it fleeting because their loves die so much sooner than themselves), and all the more beautiful for that.

Is there someone they’ve admired from a distance? Is there anyone who’s shown a romantic interest in them? Have they only heard of romance through the stories they’ve heard or read? Do they despise the idea? Do they long for it? Do they despise it because they long for it and it’s denied them? Have some fun.

Sylrio doesn’t necessarily seek romance but is always open to it. He had several romances with the female elves who were also training to be monks (elves reach adult maturity at 100 so imagine a high school that lasts like 40 years). Romance between monks tends to be pretty convenient because children born to monks are immediately adopted and reared by the monastic orders. He has had several romances over the years in his wanderings with human, half-orc, halfling, half-elf women. The most memorable romance however was a tempestuous relationship he had over the course of several weeks with a Tiefling Sorceress he found wandering through a forest trying to evade a witch-hunt type situation. He helped her get back out of Bretonia back to Hybernia where she was less likely to be taken for a full-blown demon. He doesn’t know much about her. She seemed complicated but not evil. He still thinks of her from time to time.

Class Specific Monk: (Delete if it’s not your class).
Did your character spend time at a monastery? Or were they more hermetic?

Spent time at a monastery/training ground.

Did they travel or stay in one place during their early studies?

Mostly stayed in one place during early studies. Started wandering once he reached around 100 years old.

How did they come to study the ways of the monk? Were they an orphan? Or did they come from a family? Was it tragedy that drove them to the lifestyle? Escape from their enemies?

His mother and father noticed he was different around age five or so and called it to the attention of the monks who identified him as a likely candidate for training.

Why did you leave your cloister? Were you cast out, or did you leave of your own volition, or was your departure a part of your rites?

Departure was of his own volition and with the support and blessing of his teachers. Every elf reaches a time when he feels the need to strike out on his own in some way.

Did you dread leaving or were you happy to go?

Sylrio was excited about leaving to explore the world and seek out ancient masters and learn their wisdom.

Are you eager to go back?

Sylrio certainly hopes to return and spend some time here and there teaching others the things he has learned.

How did you first discover that you were able to manipulate your own spirit?

It was something Sylrio did from a young age before he could really think about it. Then around the age of ten or fifteen, he lost the ability to do it for a while because he started thinking about it. Through the monks’ training he again learned how again.

Background Specific Outlander:
Why did you go out into the wild?

Sylrio went to satisfy is curiosity. He wants to explore and see as much of the world as he can, and gain wisdom not just of elves and the fey, but all wisdom to be found in the world.

Why did you stay?

He’s just getting started!

What was the most severe thing (storm/migration/etc) that you survived?

Many of the challenges Sylrio was required to face in order to advance in his abilities were quite dangerous, both mentally and physically at times. But the most danger he’s ever been in was after he wandered into the middle of a civil war in Iberia and managed to piss off both sides at different times. For a while he was being hunted by northern and southern nobles at the same time and he almost lost his life a few times during that period. But all’s well that ends well. He learned a lot about the human capacity for viciousness during war. But he also learned a lot about the kindness and goodness of the average person during even the most trying times.

Who were you with in the wild?

Lots of different people for periods ranging from months to years. For the last couple years he has kept the company of a Firbolg Druid who is also wandering about seeking wisdom in his own way. They both seem to find themselves unable to stand by and watch when bad things start happening to good people. So they have plenty of adventures while traveling around. Recently they joined up with some others who seem somewhat of the same mind. They kept running into each other and helping each other out so figured they may as well keep each other’s company for a while.

What was your occupation in the wild?

Occupation? Sylrio isn’t quite sure what this means.

How comfortable are you around people, in villages, towns, and cities?

The nature of cities makes Sylrio somewhat uncomfortable but as far as people, he enjoys the company of all decent beings (and some that may not be so decent as long as they’re fun and not actively malicious).

Personality Trait(s): Easy-going and peace-seeking in general interactions. He can become quite intense when he sees evil or injustice.


Currently his strongest bond is with Kiamorko. They’ve been traveling together for some time.


Can be absent minded and a bit aimless. Acts mostly on intuition and impulse which can be reckless. Doesn’t give much thought to self-preservation.

Feature Specifics:

Where have you worked before? And for whom?

Sylrio isn’t sure what this means. Sometimes people ask him to do something. If it sounds interesting and worthy he does it, and then they give him money.

Who are their enemies? What enemies have they made, and how? What kinds of creatures does they hate on sight?


Probably the moment he received word that his mother had died under mysterious circumstances (DM can decide how she died, and how much Sylrio knows about how she died). He didn’t know his mother well but he treasured the few memories he had of her and really looked forward to meeting her and his father as an adult once his training was complete. Being deprived of that chance was difficult to overcome. He even almost gave up on his training during the time after he found out.

What was their happiest moment in life?

Probably the moment he stepped out of Otherworld and discovered a strange and beautiful world full of new things to learn and interesting experiences.

Coming of Age:
What was the moment that they realized they needed to strike out on their own? What was the moment they decided they were an adult? What was the moment they were recognized by someone else or by society at large as an adult?

All of this was wrapped into a set of coming of age rituals all elven monks, both male and female, go through. It’s a combination of challenges and tests that prove wisdom, cunning, ability in combat, and spiritual maturity.

Disposition: What is your character’s default emotional disposition? Are they cocky? Are they laughable? Are they serious and grim?

Most of the time he’s lighthearted, friendly, helpful, and fun.

Moodiness: How easily does your character switch between emotions? How volatile are they emotionally?

But his emotions can turn on a dime depending on the situation but he’s not exactly volatile. He has control over his emotions and draws power from them depending on what the situation calls for.

Outlook: Optimistic? Pessimistic? Realist?

An actual realist. He doesn’t need to see the positive in everything, or the negative. He has trained himself to see things how they are, and make judgments as to whether they are good or bad based on the information he has. He’s a hopeful realist.

Integrity: How trustworthy is your character? How codified are their morals?

He seeks the well-being of those around him. He strives to make life better for people whether they’re his friends or people he meets. He is general respectful of and interested in every race without much prejudice. He judges individuals as individuals, based on their own actions. He is not tolerant of evil acts and if he sees them taking place he will try to put a stop to them without much regard for law or social niceties. He doesn’t see goodness as having the capacity to obey arbitrary rules. Instead he sees it as doing things that increase the well-being of people and stopping things that cause suffering in as much as it is possible to do so.

Impulsiveness: How likely is your character to just run off and do the thing? Or are they the slow and careful planner type?

He is very likely to run off and do the thing.

Boldness: Are they timid and quiet? Are they brave and loud? How likely are they to put themselves out there?

Very likely to put himself out there. He is brave (maybe sometimes stupid, hard to tell, he’s alive though so I guess we’ll go with brave so far). He engages with people and likes to make new friends. If he sees somebody doing something that hurts another without a good reason he will speak to them as a friend and ask them to please stop. If they refuse, he will take action.

Flexibility: How adaptable are they to new situations and new information? Do they need to sit and think things through? Or do they prefer to do things ‘off the cuff’ as it were?

Off the cuff. He has spent a long time developing his intuition. Sometimes the thing to do off the cuff though is wait and see. He doesn’t always have to take action immediately in a given situation. But whether he is charging forward or holding back, it’s generally because that’s what his intuition tells him to do.

Affinity: How warm or cold is your character toward other people? Are they affectionate with strangers? Or are they closed off and unyielding?

Generally warm and affectionate toward most people unless given a reason to act differently.

Comportment: How do they carry themselves? Do they stand tall? Do they slouch behind other people if given the opportunity?

Interactivity: How engaging are they with the world? Will they touch/smell/see new things or people? Or do they prefer to not get involved?

Very engaged with the world. Sees something new, wants to touch it, smell it. Meets a new person, wants to shake their hand, ask them about their lives etc. He’s quite involved.

Disclosure: How likely are they to talk about themselves with other people? To tell their stories?

He is an open book for the most part. He will share his stories, wisdom, follies, etc. in the hope that others will do the same. He doesn’t really have anything to hide. Even if he did something embarrassing, it can still make for a great story.

Conformity: How well or closely do they conform to social norms? Or do they buck tradition and strut their own path?

For the most part seems to not be aware of social norms.

Humor: What does your character find funny? Slapshtick? Witticism? Dramatic Irony?

Practical jokes, witticisms, funny stories, funny songs, puns.

Attitude toward humans: Fascinated by them and sort of caring and paternal.

Attitude toward orcs: Sees them as a puzzle. He would love to figure out how to hang out with them and learn about them but they don’t seem very open to it most of the time.

Attitude toward half orcs: He likes half orcs a lot because they’re more reasonable in their interactions with other races which makes them the closest he has been able to get to hanging out with orcs.

Attitude toward half-elves: Sees them as kindred.

Attitude toward goliaths: Very impressed by their size.

Attitude toward dragonborn: Really hopes to meet one some day so he can test out his draconic and learn more about dragons.

Attitude toward tieflings: Sees the mistrust of them and outright hostility directed toward them by many races as a tragic self-fulfilling prophecy that drives many Tieflings to turn from the path of good. He has only met one and he liked her quite a bit.

Attitude toward elves: They’re kindred. He is always happy and excited to see another elf.

Attitude toward halflings: Thinks they’re cute.

Attitude toward gnomes: Admires their ingenuity and identifies with their playful trickster spirit.

Attitude toward dwarves: Admires their craftsmanship and hopes to visit one of their cities some day.

Attitude toward tritons: Only really knows them through the rumors and legends. But they’re fey and similar to elves in the stories in some ways so would definitely like to meet one.

Attitude toward barbarians: Respects their ability to draw power from raw emotion. Fears that their uncontrolled emotion can make them quite unnecessarily destructive at times.

Attitude toward bards: They are among his favorite types of people. Songs and stories.

Attitude toward clerics: A bit fascinated but sees them as maybe a bit fanatical or dogmatic and inflexible.

Attitude toward druids: Deeply respects their connection to nature. Is sometimes envious of the bond they have with it.

Attitude toward fighters:

Attitude toward monks: Views monks of all religions as brothers of a sort. They might all be part of different religions, but seem to share a common goal. To honor, uphold, and further the traditions of their people or culture.

Attitude toward paladins: Sees them as sometimes a bit zealous for his tastes but most of the ones he has run into have been generally good, if a bit inflexible and humorless.

Attitude toward rangers: Respect

Attitude toward rogues: He’s friendly toward rogues as long as they aren’t hurting innocent people. He generally doesn’t mind if they steal from people who have too much. But would hate to see a rogue stealing from people who have too little. He admires their awareness and ability to open locked doors.

Attitude toward sorcerers: He has only met one, a Tiefling Soceress. She was quite fun and he was completely amazed by her abilities with magic.

Attitude toward warlocks: He doesn’t really know much about them so he’ll just have to take them on their individual merits.

Attitude toward wizards: Never met one, doesn’t really have anything to go on.

Attitude toward the red hand: Generally he would leave them alone and not associate with them much.

Attitude toward guilds: Ambivalent.

Attitude toward the universitas valachorum: Ambivalent

Attitude toward Vaticana & its worshipers: Finds the religion interesting if a bit dry and dogmatic.

Attitude toward The Old Way & its worshipers: Understands it better than the Vaticana and respects the traditions

Attitude toward The Nine & its worshipers: not sure

Attitude toward The Eight & its worshipers: Reveres the eight.

Attitude toward The Father & its worshipers: No opinion really.

Points of comradery:
List at least one point of comradery for each other character in the party.

Enjoys the rogue’s trickiness. Has a strong bond with Kiamorko over their spiritual journey and shared experiences and ideals. Alastar is a half-elf which means Sylrio feels a filial connection to him. The halfling bard… I mean he’s a bard. Sylrio loves him.

Points of contention:
List at least one point of contention with each other character in the party.

Don’t know enough yet.

Ultimate Player Goals with this character:
What destiny would you like to see this character fulfill?

Honestly, if I had the chance to take Sylrio to the end. I’d like him to eventually be legendary enough to be added to the Elven Pantheon.

What role would you like this character to take in the Arthurian Cycle that is to come?

Ok yeah not that interested.

Do you have any goal post inspirational characters that you’re basing this character on?

Somewhat on Vash the Stampede.

A chronological listing of important life events.

Maybe later. Tired now.

Sylrio Inaxisys

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