Rook Turen


Formal Introduction: Rook Turen, the Gnomish Rogue, and the Title/Moniker of Homeland.

Birth Name: Rook
Family Name: Turen
Other Names:

What do they want out of life?
What do they want out of adventuring?
What are some of their career goals?
What are some of their personal goals?

Race Specific: Gnome

What humorous things are you dedicated to?

What serious things are you dedicated to?

Was your home in this world or otherworld?


Do they have any siblings or people they consider to be siblings?

What was their home town environment like? Farm? Village? Town? City? Did he grow up by the sea? Near the mountains? Was the main trade in sheep, logs, stone, or fish? Create!

Who taught them to read?
Who taught them the skills / abilities of their class?
How did they learn the languages they know?
How did they learn about their religion?
How did they learn about themselves?
How did they learn about their kingdom’s history? (if they did).

Where have they lived and where have the traveled to? (Most likely to be kept in Bretonia, unless you’re playing an Otherworld race or specifically want a more international backstory).

What’re their friends names and what are they like? How did they make them and how close are they? (Here’s your chance to make NPCs for me! Be sure to include name, race, etc.)
Childhood Friends from back home? What’re their names and what are they like?
Friends they’ve made during the journey?
Friends in the group?

What are they interested in besides their race/class/background? Music? History? Religion? Otherworld? Annwyn? Romance? Epic tales?

Is there someone they’ve admired from a distance? Is there anyone who’s shown a romantic interest in them? Have they only heard of romance through the stories they’ve heard or read? Do they despise the idea? Do they long for it? Do they despise it because they long for it and it’s denied them? Have some fun.

Class Specific Rogue: (Delete if it’s not your class).
With your criminal past, are you wanted by the law in any province or kingdom?
How is your relationship to the Red Hand? Friendly? Antagonistic?
Why did you leave your home and your guild? Did a great con or heist go terribly wrong? Did a priest give you a second lease on life by not turning you in? Did wanderlust strike?
Do you choose your targets carefully or do you steal like a chaotic stupid PVP rogue who surely will die a painful death at the hands of his fellow players?

Class Specific Wizard: (Delete if it’s not your class).
How did your character first come into contact with magic?
How did they discover that they had an aptitude for it?
Is it a natural talent? Or was it developed through study and practice?
Did they have a teacher? Was that teacher of this world?
What drew them out of their study and into the world?
How eager are you to test your skills?

Background Specific Soldier: (Delete if it’s not your background)
Which military organization were you in?
What rank did you achieve?
What kind of experiences did you have?
Personality Trait(s):
Feature Specifics:

Where have you worked before? And for whom?

Who are their enemies? What enemies have they made, and how? What kinds of creatures does they hate on sight?

What was their most tragic moment so far in life? Plenty of options to create.

What was their happiest moment in life?

Coming of Age:
What was the moment that they realized they needed to strike out on their own? What was the moment they decided they were an adult? What was the moment they were recognized by someone else or by society at large as an adult?

Disposition: What is your character’s default emotional disposition? Are they cocky? Are they laughable? Are they serious and grim?

Moodiness: How easily does your character switch between emotions? How volatile are they emotionally?

Outlook: Optimistic? Pessimistic? Realist?

Integrity: How trustworthy is your character? How codified are their morals?

Impulsiveness: How likely is your character to just run off and do the thing? Or are they the slow and careful planner type?

Boldness: Are they timid and quiet? Are they brave and loud? How likely are they to put themselves out there?

Flexibility: How adaptable are they to new situations and new information? Do they need to sit and think things through? Or do they prefer to do things ‘off the cuff’ as it were?

Affinity: How warm or cold is your character toward other people? Are they affectionate with strangers? Or are they closed off and unyielding?

Comportment: How do they carry themselves? Do they stand tall? Do they slouch behind other people if given the opportunity?

Interactivity: How engaging are they with the world? Will they touch/smell/see new things or people? Or do they prefer to not get involved?

Disclosure: How likely are they to talk about themselves with other people? To tell their stories?

Conformity: How well or closely do they conform to social norms? Or do they buck tradition and strut their own path?

Humor: What does your character find funny? Slapshtick? Witticism? Dramatic Irony?

Attitude toward humans:

Attitude toward orcs:

Attitude toward half orcs:

Attitude toward half-elves:

Attitude toward goliaths:

Attitude toward dragonborn:

Attitude toward tieflings:

Attitude toward elves:

Attitude toward halflings:

Attitude toward gnomes:

Attitude toward dwarves:

Attitude toward tritons:

Attitude toward barbarians:

Attitude toward bards:

Attitude toward clerics:

Attitude toward druids:

Attitude toward fighters:

Attitude toward monks:

Attitude toward paladins:

Attitude toward rangers:

Attitude toward rogues:

Attitude toward sorcerers:

Attitude toward warlocks:

Attitude toward wizards:

Attitude toward the red hand:

Attitude toward guilds:

Attitude toward the universitas valachorum:

Attitude toward Vaticana & its worshipers:

Attitude toward The Old Way & its worshipers:

Attitude toward The Nine & its worshipers:

Attitude toward The Eight & its worshipers:

Attitude toward The Father & its worshipers:

Points of comradery:
List at least one point of comradery for each other character in the party.

Points of contention:
List at least one point of contention with each other character in the party.

Ultimate Player Goals with this character:
What destiny would you like to see this character fulfill?

What role would you like this character to take in the Arthurian Cycle that is to come? (It’s okay to say that you don’t want a part in that).

Do you have any goal post inspirational characters that you’re basing this character on?

A chronological listing of important life events.

Rook Turen

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