The Kingdom of Caerleon rests in the center of the continent of Bretonia which contains eight human kingdoms. Its cities are beacons of hope and fortitude, its lands are wild and dangerous. Magic, monsters, and supernatural creatures are not just stories here, but real dangers. You can fall to tooth and claw as easily as a blade.

There is near-constant political turmoil and consequent war between the kingdoms of the continent, as well as constant threat from nearby kingdoms across the sea. Some look for a prophesied champion who will unite the kingdoms and rule in a golden age of peace and prosperity that will last a thousand years. Others have long since lost hope in the prophecies of forgotten sages. What role do you play in this? And what future will you fight for?

Bretonia is a high medieval, fantasy campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Unique in that while the land it is based on is your standard medieval europe, the cultures of other races both fantastic and non are present and set in non European traditions. It is also designed to present a grittier setting without restricting player choices. It is the setting for a series of games run with four to five players in each group.

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